Executive Committee (EC)

Profile of the Organization:

The constitution of BAMANEH clearly lays down the objectives and the management guidelines of the organization. There are two bodies:  A General Council consisting of thirty members enrolled from diverse fields e.g, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Maternal and Child Health, Neonatal Health, Maternal and Child Nutrition, Family Planning and Contraception, Human Reproduction, Social Welfare etc. The Executive Committee (EC) consisting of nine members is elected from the General Council for a period of five years. The General Council meets once a year. The EC meets at least once in every three months, formulates policy guidelines and makes decisions on important issues.

Organizational Structure

Present Executive Committee (EC)/Board :
1. Prof. (Dr.) A.K.M. Anowar-ul-Azim Obs./Gyn. Specialist-President
2. Prof. (Dr.) SadiqaTaheraKhanam MCH Specialist-Vice President
3. Prof. (Dr.) Afzalunnessa Anesthesiologist-Treasurer
4. Dr. Sufia Begum Obs./Gyn. Specialist-Secretary
5. Dr. ReenaYasmin Rep. Health specialist-Member
6. Prof. (Dr.) Shamsunnahar MCH specialist-Member
7. Dr.HosneAra Begum MCH and Training specialist-Member
8. Dr.LailaArjuman dBanu (MCH and Training Specialist-Member
9. Dr. Md.Nurul Amin MCH and IT Specialist-Member