Our Donors

Experience with donor funded projects:
After the inception of the organization in 1979, BAMANEH first conducted  a TBA training program with a small  fund received from Govt. of Bangladesh. In its onward journey, the organization is grateful for funds from Ford Foundation, World Health

Organization, Canadian International Development Agency, The Asia Foundation, Swiss Red Cross, Pathfinder International, Chemonics International,  Vitol Charitable Foundation, UK , BRAC and GIZ, as shown below

Sl. Name of Project Donor Duration
1 TBA Training Programme GOB 1980-1981
2 Continuing Education of TBAs World Health Organization 1992-94
3 Community Based Program for distribution  of FP Contraceptives USAID/ The Asia Foundation October 1982-September 1997
4 Rural Service Delivery Project(RSDP) USAID/  Pathfinder International October 1997 –September 2001
5 NGO Service Delivery Project(NSDP) USAID/Pathfinder International October 2001-September 2007
6 Smiling Sun Franchise Project(SSFP) USAID/Chemonics International 0ctober 2007-December 2012
7 NGO Health Service Delivery Project (NHSDP) USAID/Pathfinder International From January 2013


8 Community Based Mother and Child Health Care Project Swiss Red Cross


December,1986- December,2000
International Association for Maternal and Neonatal  Health (IAMANEH) January,2001- December,2001
Vitol Charitable Foundation, UK July,2003- September,2013
9 TB-DOTS Program. GFTAM/ BRAC From 2006 (Continuing)
10 Building Community Awareness on  ASRH and MCH under Addressing Bangladesh’s

Demographic Challenges


          GIZ From September,2015