Our Values

BAMANEH upholds the following values:

BAMANEH has firm faith in several values and all its activities and functions are guided and operated within the context of these values. These values are stated below:

Value Definition, Description and Purpose
Quality BAMANEH believes that every user of service irrespective of caste, color or creed deserves service of good quality. The six elements that are considered essential as determinants of quality are: Freedom of choice of the user, satisfactory exchange of information, technical competence of providers, confidence of the client based on good client-provider relations, continuity of care, and the appropriateness and acceptability of the services provided. BAMANEH believes that unfaltering attention to the above elements is a must and helps to build up lasting customer relations and enhances the image and reputation of the organization.
Gender and Empowerment BAMANEH believes that, although the social construct of gender influences an individual’s perception of self and his or her social roles in family and society, there is no difference in the rights and basic needs of the individuals of different sex/ gender.

Empowerment (an individual’s Understanding of own needs and power to make decisions, control over actions i.e. the use of family planning, and those affecting sexuality and reproductive health), is an essential factor in determining individual’s health related behavior as parents, family decision makers, and sexual partners. The Organization believes that Empowerment can be brought about by a gradual process of social change and that the health care providing NGO’s through their positive actions have a definite role in bringing about this favorable social change.

Community Participation BAMANEH believes that quality of life of individuals is greatly influenced by the community. Thus actions to improve life of the individuals should also be complemented with actions to improve community health. Thus the organization believes in encouraging community participation specially in matters related to the health of mothers and children.
Fairness and Neutrality The management of BAMANEH believes in and is committed to maintaining fairness in all its transaction for programme as reflected in the name of BAMANEH. It believes neutrality in respect of cost, creed, religion and political affiliation.
Team Work and Self Discipline BAMANEH believes that collective efforts accelerate the achievement of the objectives with gather efficiency and effectiveness. BAMANEH further believes that collective leadership is the mainstay for long term sustainability of the programs and the organization itself. For successful teamwork a high degree of self discipline is a precondition.
Transparency BAMANEH believes in and practices, openness and transparency in its activities. It is of the view that transparency ensures fairness and proper utilization of resources. It also believes that for ensuring transparency periodic external audit is a must.
Honesty The organization believes in honesty and respect for ethics in all its activities be it services for the beneficiaries, training of its workers, education of its clients or any other activity such as research work under taken for enrichment of scientific knowledge, understanding of health problems or for improvement of health care.
Equality of opportunity BAMANEH believes in equality of opportunity and access to resources for self-development. BAMANEH is committed to work for enlargement of opportunity and empowerment of the disadvantaged.
Cost Consciousness BAMANEH recognizes that resources and finite and the best use of them has to be made.

The above mentioned values influence initiation of all programme and shape design and conduct of all actions and programme undertaken by BAMANEH.

In addition to the above values BAMANEH also focuses on the following:

It actively encourages its people reach their highest potential requiring its staff to create opportunities and make resources available for the benefit of BAMANEH beneficiaries.